Manufacturing Companies: How to Increase Your LinkedIn Page Followers

LinkedIn is not just for job applicants looking for employment. It is the best place for businesses to connect, and the manufacturing industry is no exception to that. Manufacturing companies are great at utilizing this avenue to increase brand awareness, engagement and grow their network.

However, acquiring the right kind of following of your target audience is not an easy feat. So in this article, we will be decoding the secret to increasing your LinkedIn page followers.

What Not to Post on Your LinkedIn Page

Before we delve deeper into the step-by-step tutorial, it is just as important to understand what you should not be posting on your LinkedIn page. After all, different platforms cater to different audiences, so be careful in posting irrelevant content on your LinkedIn page.

Limit Culture-Related Content

Culture-related posts are the kind of content that we typically engage within social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. While it is still a good point to highlight how great your company is in terms of its vision and the values it upholds, LinkedIn simply isn’t the best platform for that.

Nonetheless, you can use your Facebook company page for these posts where your employees can share them to increase visibility among casual viewers.

Don’t Make It About You. Make It About Your Audience.

One of the biggest mistakes that industrial companies make is mass producing content solely about them. In other words, the content only focuses on their products, services, and why they are better than their competitors.

Instead of selling yourself through every piece of content, take the time to ask yourself who are you trying to attract to your page? And what type of potential customers are you trying to connect to with your content?

Create your buyer persona and learn more about their interests and what they are into such as their hobbies and lifestyle. Tailor your content around their interests. Provide insightful and informational content on areas that are relevant to your industry. The point is to establish yourself as a new source of reliable information for your target audience.

You know your company needs to create content but knowing where to start can be overwhelming. Work with the team that specializing in content creation for industrial and manufacturing companies, so you can spend time focusing on your business.

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3 Steps to Increase Your Engagement

To increase engagement on your company’s page on LinkedIn, there are several ways to grow you can go about growing your brand’s following.

1. Identify the persona of your target audience and produce content around their interests.

When planning your content strategy, always take into account your audience’s persona. That includes their demographics, their general area of interest, and the overarching topics relevant to the space you are in.

Only 25%-30% of your overall content should be about the company. The rest of it should be content that your audience would take an interest in.

2. Post 4-5 times a week.

While others might see this as flooding your LinkedIn followers with content, it isn’t. Posting 4-5 times a week ensures that your audience will be able to see your content even when they don’t routinely log in. Be consistent and post on a regular schedule.

Using data and analytics, you can figure out and schedule your posts when the audience is more active and more likely to see them. This will increase your chances of getting more traction.

3. Make sure to use the correct size for your images.

A common mistake among companies is failing to resize their images to fit the platform correctly they are posting in.

LinkedIn’s specific optimizations are 1200×600 px for still images and 1920×1080 px or 1920×1920 px for videos. Otherwise, the algorithm auto-adjusts it, resulting in too much negative space.

If you cannot resize it correctly, don’t post it. A poorly sized image may suggest sloppy content production and will negatively reflect on your company’s LinkedIn presence.

Nonetheless, don’t worry because LinkedIn enables editing. You can post one as a trial, then refresh it to see if it fits correctly. Otherwise, edit and resize until it looks appropriate.

How to Increase Your Followers

While growing your following is great. The key is growing the right following. Your LinkedIn marketing strategy should focus on encouraging your target audience to follow your page.

1. Run paid advertisements or sponsored posts.

While paid ads are not usually as effective as organic traffic for growing followers, you may still optimize your paid ads for increasing brand awareness. Just make sure to add a “follow button” to that post, so when people see the ad in their feed, they can hit “follow.”

2. Have your company employees interact and share your posts.

Even if you have thousands of followers, LinkedIn makes a post visible to a small group (or test market) first before it increases its engagement scale to your entire followers. With this in mind, a little boost from your employees interacting and sharing your posts will further push your content out to a larger audience.

3. Encourage your employees to increase their networks.

Urge your employees to grow their personal network with the people who actively deal with the client-facing side of your business. Ask them to connect with clients, engineers, purchasing managers, business owners, and other key decision-makers in similar companies and industries. Doing so will help you to increase your viewership and get your name to the right network.

4. Strategically push connections towards relevant audiences.

To get good quality engagement, connections should be relevant. This does not mean that you have to limit yourself to your industry alone, but you also need to pique people’s interest from similar or relevant fields.

Followers from unrelated industries are considered irrelevant so pay attention to the quality of your followers by connecting to the appropriate audience.

Scaling up your visibility and followers can be a bit of a challenge. But when you make yourself relevant by sharing valuable content and reaching out to the right people, you can expect to gain real high-engaging followers in no time.

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