Budgeting for Marketing: You Get What You Pay For

If you’re hiring a marketing firm to handle some aspect of your business, whether it’s design, web development, social media, or anything else, you should know what you’re really paying for vs. what you’re getting.

Sure, you can always find someone to do a job cheaper, but in the end you really get what you pay for. The people willing to offer services far below market value are usually cutting corners, and often through the use of offshore or overseas labor. This usually means large drawbacks on the quality of service which is transferred over to the customer (meaning you).

Kyle talks about whether or not you’re paying market value for the services you’re getting. 

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Kyle Milan

Kyle Milan is a well accomplished Industrial/Manufacturing sales and marketing professional with over 18 years of experience. He is the CEO of MFG Tribe and a Sales and Marketing Strategy & Social Media Marketing expert. He has published several articles at major news media outlets on various topics of; Inbound Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing & Advertising, Industrial Marketing, Manufacturing Marketing, and Entrepreneurship.

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