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Since 2017, content has been the deciding factor when it comes to separating yourself amongst the pack of competition. Companies that take this seriously, are producing content on a regular basis to flood the marketing by showing their subject matter expertise. Our content marketing agency focuses on telling your story through creativity and a robust strategy using data.

Almost everyone will agree with this, yet most companies don’t do it unless they partner with a top content marketing agency. The biggest hurdles are typically from a creative and resource standpoint, people don’t know what to do and don’t have the time to do it.

If a content initiative starts and stops, this is typically the reason for the departure. Turning to a content marketing agency for assistance is a great way to get the burden off of your shoulders and allow another team to manage it at a content marketing agency.

We’ve created over 500+ pieces of content in the past 4 years covering every aspect from simple blog post to complex technical white papers, corporate videos, website video content and assisted in Podcast setup and marketing. You must have a strategic approach to your content marketing calendar keeping in mind that you don’t create without a purpose.

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Content Marketing Basics

Everything revolves around content, the days to continuing to pound the market with the same messaging style or following up with potential customers with the same type of email are long gone. Your target demographic wants to see something new that is relevant to them, and a lot of companies are missing the mark.

If you don’t have new relevant content to share, then how can customers be intrigued enough to see what you’re offering?

Where it’s a product or service, the strategy doesn’t change…produce new relevant content native to the distribution tactic, then press “go”.

A common mistake a content marketing agency will make is using the sources strictly for distribution. You can’t use the same content on all platforms; social, search, website, email marketing, advertising.

You need to create the content for the platform, therefore having a content marketing agency like 5 Fold Agency assist with that strategy is paramount.

Austin Video Production

Creative videos play an important role in marketing initiatives, and they have since 2016, growing in popularity every year.

A significant portion of your target demographic would rather watch a video than read lines of text, and video is what people most frequently stop their social feed on. By investing in video content, whether that’s background website videos or updated corporate videos, you are staying with the latest marketing tactics that are performing the best.

Partner with 5 Fold Agency and allow our video production to take your brand to new levels with refreshing creative content shoots.

As a full service digital marketing agency with video production company services, we shoot content for purpose not just as something to have or use once.

Once our team completes the discovery phase of the project, we create the content strategy to ensure the content matches purpose and distribution methods. We travel on-site to you facility and spend 1-3 days shooting all of the content that we need. Within 2-3 weeks we have final edited content and are ready for distribution campaigns.

Being forward thinking, we always shoot more content then we need so we have footage for future marketing campaigns.

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Videos & Articles

Videos & Articles

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