Content Marketing – Reusing Old Content

5 Ways to Repurpose Your Content and Get More Exposure

Building up a distinct name for your manufacturing or industrial company on any platform requires a masterfully crafted series of content. Instead of reinventing the wheel, your company can repurpose your content to grow your audience and present old information in a different light.

Content Repurposing

There is no doubt that every piece of content, whether it be a written blog post or audio-visual media such as videos, short clips, or podcasts, is essential in building your brand and reputation in your industry.

It can be a little draining to create new content constantly. Not to mention, it also seems like a waste to leave your old content lying around when you have invested so much thought in making it. Get more out of your content.

Here are the following ways how you can use content repurposing as part of your manufacturing marketing strategy.

Update and Republish Older Blog Post

The most important technique in reusing old content is updating and republishing old blog posts. This allows the content creator to update the information to an old post without compromising the original content’s reach.

It is fine to change the writing style of the post itself, so long as the original message conveyed, and the essential keywords are kept intact. Only do this if the newer content does not complement the original. This technique also comes highly recommended as it avoids demeriting the SEO of the original content.

Go back to your old posts and check your site’s analytics to choose which posts gained the most gated content engagement and most substantial SEO.

Upon selecting which post to update, decide how much you must rewrite to make it current. Do not change the URL nor the title, just update the new content.

Add Tags to Content

You can add a tag such as “UPDATED” or add the republished date to let your audience know that it has been updated. This technique is significant in the industrial field because of the fast-paced technological advances in the industry.

Newer, faster, and more reliable technology and systems are being developed every year. The information must be updated routinely on content that is progressively changing.

Improve Page SEO

Another powerful tip is to improve your site’s website traffic via SEO. You can still improve and optimize this by using high-value keywords. Keyword research is a vital tool in understanding the most searched terms and queries that most of your audience is searching.

Utilize this tool to your advantage. You can even further optimize it by ranking for low-hanging keywords. This way, you can gain a foothold of the search traffic of specific search terms and rank higher in search engines.

Is your content not reaching the right audience? Work with the team that specializes in SEO for manufacturing and industrial companies.

Interlink Old Blog Posts with Newer Content

There will always be old content that can still be relevant and useful in supplementing information to newer content. By linking your old content with your most recent posts, you can bump the old content and even direct some traffic to your old posts.

Use high-volume keywords as anchor texts to link to your old content so that you can increase its chances of appearing on SERP (Search Engine Results Page). This is also incredibly flexible and efficient, particularly on listicles and how-to articles.

Manufacturing and industrial content require a more comprehensive approach to individual topics. Take this as an opportunity to link to in-depth articles you might have already covered in the past.

Repurpose an Old YouTube Video

If you produce content that transcends written media, such as visual content or podcasts, you can always incorporate these old content pieces in new releases.

Give brief ideas on the subject that appear on your old content. Encourage your audience to visit your site for more information. And of course, do not forget to use essential keywords in the description.

Share on Social Media

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool in expanding your content’s reach. Make the best of it by increasing viewer engagements and clicks on your content through highly engaging social media managers. See to it that you work with those who can make even the most technical concepts interesting and engaging.

Reusing old content can be tricky. If it is done correctly, not only will it save you a lot of time and energy from brainstorming new content ideas, but it can also increase your web traffic. And grow your audience engagement while keeping your page relevant and up to date.

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