Content Marketing Tips for Manufacturers: Increase Your Views

Create Content

To start content marketing, the first step is to create content. There are two ways to do this; you can hire a manufacturing marketing agency to create content for your business or create it yourself.

Whether you hire a manufacturing marketing agency or produce content in-house depends on how much time, money, and creativity you have. If you’re more comfortable having a manufacturing marketing agency handle it for you, go ahead and do that. They can handle everything from video production to the distribution strategy. On the other hand, if you want to try producing content on your own, that’s also fine. Just make sure that you start creating content as soon as possible and that the content is ready for distribution.

Think of your Distribution Strategy

Once you’ve produced content, the next step is to think of your distribution strategy. A manufacturing marketing agency can create and execute the strategy for you, but you can also do it independently. The first thing is to put the content on your website. This is important because all your links will lead back to it. However, putting it on your website alone will not get a lot of eyes on it. You’ll need to focus on two things for industrial marketing – email marketing and social media marketing.

Post it on LinkedIn

In industrial marketing, the social media platform that matters the most and gives the best results is LinkedIn. After posting your content on your own website, you’ll need to post it on LinkedIn. Also, make sure to include a custom-branded image or graphic with a teaser text and a link to the original blog post. This makes the content more interesting and also increases brand awareness for your company. Posting your content without adding graphics or an image will not be as eye-catching and will not get you the same engagement.

Post Other Kinds of Content

If you want to be noticed in your industry, you can’t just post your own content daily. Unless it is amazing and groundbreaking content that your network has never seen before, people will get tired of seeing content produced by you all the time. You need to post other content from reputable sources that your network will also find interesting. Think Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Tech Times. There is tons of industrial marketing content out there that will give value to your audience. Find what is interesting and post it to balance out your own content.

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Use Your Employee Network

Whether on LinkedIn or Facebook, posting your technical sales content on social media is the fastest way to get it out there. Have your company employees share and engage with the content to push it out to a bigger audience. Each employee will most likely have a different network, so this way more people will see your content.

On Facebook, you can also use Facebook Ads to push out content to targeted demographics. This is a cost-effective way to get more eyes on your content. Facebook allows specific targeting, so you can make sure that your audience will find your content relevant and exciting.

Use Email Marketing

Use email marketing to push out your content. Whether you have 1,000 people on your mailing list or 5,000 people, use this database to get more people to read your content. Send out an email once or twice a week with the latest news from your company. Email marketing is also another cost-effective way to distribute your technical sales content. There are dozens of affordable email marketing programs available that help you do this effectively.

Think About Micro-Content

Videos are the easiest way to create micro-content. You, or your manufacturing marketing agency, can edit your videos to turn them into teasers that drive your audience back to your website. Create a 15-second teaser that entices your audience to watch the whole video posted on your website.

Blogs and articles are harder to create micro-content with but it’s still possible. Get a paragraph or two from the original article and post it on LinkedIn. Then you can add a call-to-action like, “If this is something you’re struggling with, check out the full article here”. You can also ask your audience to share it with someone who might be interested or who needs this advice.

Content marketing is critical. If you’re new to industrial marketing, this is something you’ll need to familiarize yourself with and make it a regular part of your marketing strategy.

Creating content needs to become automatic and you need to set aside time and resources for this. You, or your manufacturing marketing agency, will also need to spend time getting people to see it. Post it on LinkedIn and Facebook, and use email marketing. These are the most effective ways that people will see your content and, ideally, the content will be interesting enough lead them back to your website. These content marketing tips will help get your content out there and after a few months of doing this consistently, you’ll start to see concrete results.

Industrial marketing strategies don’t develop overnight. And the best ones require years of experience and tactful planning. There is no such thing as instant gratification here. If you feel stuck, consider reaching out to a manufacturing marketing agency with expertise in your industry. If you want the best in the business, give MFG Tribe a call. Contact us to learn more about how we can help.

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