Google Ads Advantage for Industrial Marketing

Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords, is a pay-per-click (PPC) online advertising platform that allows businesses to place their website links in optimal spots of the search engine results page (SERP). A lot of manufacturing companies make the mistake of only investing in Google Ads to collect leads. Unfortunately, it rarely works this way. Google Ads industrial marketing works best when combined with other marketing strategies. And here, we’ll be covering all your questions about Google Ads and how you can improve them.

Can Google Ads Work for Manufacturing Companies?

The success of Google Ads campaigns depends on a variety of factors. Take into consideration your offers, keywords, and the hook on your landing pages. If you have the marketing budget to spare for PPC campaigns, allot some for Google Ads. Despite high-bounce rates for PPC campaigns, Google Ads can help you find leads, build brand awareness, and increase your conversion rate when included with your strategic marketing approach.

How Does Google Ads Fit into an Industrial Marketing Strategy?

Advertising on Google Ads is a good way to generate brand awareness through website traffic. The goal for PPC campaigns is to generate leads. However, Google Ads campaigns work best for brand awareness. So, adjust your expectations and key performance indicators (KPIs).

In the manufacturing industry, people discover most businesses by using search engines. So make yourself visible beyond organic rankings with the use of Google Ads.

Why Should Industrial Companies Use Google Ads?

Google Ads is one of the largest advertising platforms that we have today. Campaigns on the platform connect to the largest search engine. Potential buyers are researching your products and industrial service offerings online. It’s best to be at the forefront of interested buyers. Ad campaigns are an additional push on your brand awareness and a helping hand for your SEO digital marketing efforts to get the optimal SERP ranking.

Challenges Manufacturing Companies Face When Running Google Ads

When using Google Ads, the most common mistake of companies and many marketing agencies is failing to filter your keywords through buyer intent. Most people will launch their campaigns without optimizing their keywords based on buying intent. This approach tends to target anyone who can see your ads. Without the right strategy and the right content, you could end up having students doing research or people browsing the web that does not meet your search intent clicking on your ads.

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Tips for Improving Your Industrial Google Ads Campaign

Find the right keywords. With an understanding of your industry and your target demographic, find the right keywords to bid. Have a keyword list for a specific customer in mind and group similar words into ad groups while considering the search intent.

Set the right keyword match type. When setting up your campaign, you may choose among different match types to improve targeting and results.

Broad match reaches the widest audience even with remotely relevant keywords. This match type may cause you to pay more because those who clicked may not be the right audience.

Modified broad match will still get you a wide audience, but it lets you target more specific people than the former. By setting parameters, the platform will try to include a specific term in these matches.

Phrase match offers less traffic but with a more relevant user match. With phrase match, Google is required to develop results that use your set terms and phrases in the exact order you entered them, although there might be other words either before or after the phrase that could be included.

Exact match is the most restrictive match type but offers the most relevant traffic. Users will only see your ad if they search for the exact keyword phrase that you entered or its close variants.

Additional Google Ads Tips

For a better conversion rate incorporate the following industry benchmarks:

Make your ads creative. This means making your keywords specific yet relevant to your target industries and having a hook or call-to-action on your landing pages.

Take up as much real estate in your ad. Make your ads as tall as possible to get attention. To do this, you can add site link extensions, hyperlinks to your address, or phone numbers to which your potential clients can reach you.

Do not rely on mere instincts and approximations for results. Check the bounce rates on your Google Analytics. It is advisable to connect Analytics to your site when you have a campaign on Google Ads to check the quality of your traffic., gain insights, measure clicks, and compare performance. If you can get your bounce rate below 60%, then you are doing relatively fine.

How Not to Waste Your Google Ads Budget

To save yourself from wasting your budget, be wary of marketing agencies that overpromise what you can get from a Google Ads campaign. Consider agencies that guarantee clicks, leads, and conversions as a red flag. If an agency genuinely believes that they can get you a ton of leads through this, they might not actually understand your business.

What Makes MFG Tribe Better?

We know your business, study your target demographic, and understand the intentions behind the search for Google Ads campaigns. We know the data does not lie, so we use the right tools and metrics to actively monitor your campaign’s progress. Even when things are working, we are continuously striving to make them better.

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