Industrial and Manufacturing Marketing Speed vs. Perfection

Technology has made our world become increasingly fast and efficient. Many industrial businesses struggle in their content marketing because they don’t know what to focus on when it comes to creating content, speed or perfection.

What Happens if Your Goal is Perfection?

Perfection can come at a cost. In fact, it can be the very anchor that weighs down your company from producing any content.

You must go fast in order to deliver a significant amount of content across different forms of media. It is the only way to generate brand awareness and increase market reach in today’s digital world. From videos, audios, podcasts, and articles, you have to build influence across various channels using the right content strategy.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Nowadays, speed plays a crucial role in reaching a wider audience and increasing your brand recall. Speed means the rate at which you are constantly producing content on your website and other marketing channels such as Linkedin and YouTube. Speed breeds frequency. The more visible you are, the more likely your customers are going to remember you.

Most manufacturing companies make the mistake of spending countless months to perfectly launch one digital campaign. They create massive campaigns that are spread thinly across the year. For example, many companies only post pictures or videos of their booths during trade shows. The thing is, it doesn’t sell anymore.

Your audience doesn’t like it and neither do the social media platform algorithms.

The Rule of 7

The Rule of 7 claims that it takes at least seven times before a prospective customer actually considers buying your product or service. And this also rings true even among industrial companies. Buyers are going to switch to another company if they are constantly pursued by a competitor who relentlessly offers their products and services.

So if you want to stand out and remain competitive, you have to keep your company consistently visible.

Creative is 100% Subjective

Keep in mind that a creative is 100% subjective. It doesn’t matter if you think it looks great to you or not, the only opinion that weighs most is that of your customers. If you’re always trying to perfect it ‘your way,’ then there will never be a time to put out any content at all.

People have different preferences. When it comes to the content you produce, don’t sweat the small stuff. What matters is that your creative is out there where your audience is. Generate a variety of high-value content from articles, to images, audios, podcasts, and videos.

You can be as creative as you want as long as you’re providing a continuous stream of valuable and relevant information to your target audience.

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Tips for Creating Manufacturing Content

The first tip is the most important. You must commit to it. You can generate multiple pieces of content out of one source or theme by hitting every form of media and space on the internet.

Formulate a Central Theme

Content creation involves a lot of work and brainstorming. Therefore, to avoid creative burnout, start by working on a central theme for your organization. From there, branch out different topics that you can further expound on in your articles, videos, and other media.

Create Native Videos on LinkedIn

For the industrial and manufacturing industry, Linkedin is your primary social media channel. Focus on generating native videos on Linkedin that can capture the attention of potential buyers.  Show future and current customers your latest project that you are working on.

Use this strategy to show company success and how you complete projects better than your competitors.

Vlog on YouTube

Capitalize on the wide market reach of YouTube as a video-sharing platform. For example, you can simply tweak your video style to fit YouTube’s laidback format.

Do a Podcast

Use the same topic or idea from your videos and turn it into a podcast. Today, podcasts are like modern-day radios. People turn to podcasts for quality audio listening especially when it comes to particular topics or industries.

Turn Your Video Content into Blog Articles

Take your 5-minute or 15-minute long videos and convert them into 1000-word or 1500-word articles.

Speed and value are important factors when it comes to producing content, but the high-speed market will often leave those that try to perfect on every little detail.

Create smart content. To do so, you must be fast and unique. Only then can you establish brand awareness and increase your brand recall to potential customers.

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