MFG Tribe TV – S1E2 – Ultra Green Packaging (Thermoforming)

On this episode of Make Cool Shit TV, we visit Ultra Green Packaging in Mound, MN. This thermoforming company and wow they do some cool things for the food packaging industry!

Kristin Davidson, president, take us through their manufacturing facility and teach us about Thermoforming. This process takes a thin layer of plastic (on a roll) and combines heat with pressure to create the lids for all of their food packaging products.

Their bases are made out of bamboo at a different facility so we weren’t able to see that, but watching them make the matching lids was amazing.

Their facility also used to be a Tonka Truck toy manufacturing facility, which explains its size and ceiling height.

Kristin also lets us talk to her employees that started with minimal experience in manufacturing and are now running departments!

The purpose of this show is to not only highlight manufacturing but get the youthful generation excited about potential careers!

This is the second episode of MFG Tribe TV, we went to Ultra Green Packaging to talk with them about their manufacturing. 

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