Optimizing Your Website in 2019 for Conversions

If you’re someone who doesn’t think you need a website or thinks it’s fine the way it is, you’re not paying enough attention to how website content drives consumers. The website is the main hub for people to learn about your brand, and it’s so important that yours looks good and presents the right information. I walk through the best practices for web dev, and what you should focus on if you’re just getting started or updating an older website.

Kyle talks about the best ways to optimize your website in 2019, maximizing your traffic. 

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Kyle Milan

Kyle Milan is a well accomplished Industrial/Manufacturing sales and marketing professional with over 18 years of experience. He is the CEO of MFG Tribe and a Sales and Marketing Strategy & Social Media Marketing expert. He has published several articles at major news media outlets on various topics of; Inbound Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing & Advertising, Industrial Marketing, Manufacturing Marketing, and Entrepreneurship.

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