Overcoming Roadblocks in Your Manufacturing Company’s Content Strategy

The right content marketing strategy can help you support your company’s long-term goals. It is also your game plan on how you will use content to reach those long-term goals.

Businesses understand the importance of content and the value it provides. However, implementing an effective content marketing strategy comes with a unique set of challenges.

Nevertheless, when these challenges or roadblocks are not addressed trouble is not far behind. The result may show in the form of a lack of engagement from your target audience, no new leads, or a decline in sales.

How to Overcome Content Strategy Struggles

Write it Down

Many businesses simply hit the ground running without creating a content marketing strategy at all. According to the Content Marketing Institute, only 37% of B2B marketers have a written content marketing strategy.

With this in mind, no matter the size of your team, whether it is one person or one hundred, you need to have a written plan of action. Studies have shown that writing things down not only helps you remember but also helps you focus on the really important ideas, like your business goals.

As a result, documentation of your marketing strategy will help you become more efficient and your content more effective.

We only work with manufacturing/industrial companies and can customize a unique content strategy that is specific to your industry.

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Identify Your Target Audience

In the manufacturing world, your target audience does not care about shiny objects and pretty packaging. These folks are the problem-solvers, the doers, and the decision-makers in your specific industry that you serve.

Furthermore, when creating content, it is imperative that you spend ample time researching your target customer’s needs and problems. Know what their typical day is like.  Understand the buying process while learning what they really care about.

Create Content Consistently

Your content is a valuable business asset. It is equally important to the machines at your company, the product you produce, and your workforce. Stay top of mind of procurement managers, engineers, and OEM’s. In order to do that,  you need to consistently create the right types of content. For example, focus on content that builds your brand. As a result, it will create trust within your industry and guide your ideal customer through the sales funnel.

In fact, most decision-makers will spend a lot of time online researching before making a purchase or signing a contract.

Because of this, create content that puts the needs of the customers first. Make sure to show, not tell, how your company can solve their company’s problems. Nobody likes to be sold to.

Determine KPI’s, Track, and Measure

A content strategy, no matter how well-produced, will fail if you don’t have a system in place for tracking and analyzing your ROI. Therefore, put your content strategy to work for your business. Make sure you are analyzing the following key metrics:

  • Increase in website traffic
  • Time spent on your website
  • Social shares
  • Keyword ranking
  • Lead generation
  • Increased sales

Likewise, establish a system for measuring what leads and sales are attributed to content. You need a skilled analyst in Google Analytics. This is someone who knows and understands the manufacturing industry. Plus, they can provide specific insights that traditional marketing cannot provide.

Small and Medium Manufacturers Need a Content Marketing Strategy

Technology is changing how businesses communicate with each other. 2020 has taught us that companies who have created a strong online presence can expect to outperform their competition.

Lastly, when implementing your content marketing strategy, have the right team in place. Choose a team that knows what type of content to create, can assess content performance, and set the right goals for where you want to be in your business.

As the leader in Industrial Marketing, MFG Tribe has been helping Industrial companies from $2 million – $3 billion dominate their competition with the most aggressive marketing tactics that work in today’s competitive environment for over 5 years. Our strategy adjusts based on what’s most effective for YOUR company, and we only work with industrial companies. If you’re looking to set up your marketing efforts with the Industrial Marketing leader, schedule a discovery call today!