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Social Media Advertising Agency

With almost the entire globe using at lease one of the top three social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram), social media advertising is a viable and quantifiable marketing resource for companies in B2B & B2C. Our social media advertising agency has produced top rated campaigns since 2015 and continues to reach new levels with each platform update.

In B2B, professionals previously primarily used LinkedIn to conduct background research on people/companies and to conduct job search searches. All of that changed in 2016 when LinkedIn introduced advertising options, taking LinkedIn’s value as an essential marketing tool whole new level.

Facebook is a great platform for cost effective B2B brand awareness advertising campaigns as well as some specific transactional campaigns, depending on the specific product/service. In B2C, Facebook and Instagram take the cake for brand awareness and transactional campaigns at a very affordable cost of entry.

We have researched, tested, and pushed the limits of our own social media advertising budget to know exactly what works and what doesn’t with these powerful advertising channels prior to offering it as a service to clients. Before we offer any strategy to our clients, we conduct a comprehensive analysis so our recommendations result in a valuable return on investment for our clients.

Social Advertising Options

LinkedIn offers several advertising options, but we’ve identified the two that provide the best return on investment for our industrial and manufacturing industry clients.

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We create custom graphics and engaging, relevant copy to entice your target market to click your ad in their feed. We typically create 4-8 ads per month to keep the message relevant and to capture the attention of your most promising prospects. With the new addition of sponsoring video posts, our content shoot and video production brings new exciting engagement.

Sponsored InMail
We create custom cold InMail messages with branded graphics and a call to action providing the recipient with a high level overview of your value proposition. Each campaign is A/B tested to determine which copy performs the best.

Min Monthly Budget: $1,000

With the wide range of Facebook Advertising options, everything is customized around the client and there is no specific tactic to use. It depends on how much attention your target demographic give to Facebook, there are some services that aren’t a fit and won’t have a fast enough ROI.

At the highest level, B2B with a high dollar product/service should focus around brand awareness campaigns with lower priced products/services getting both options of brand awareness or transactional campaigns.

B2C companies have more flexibility and can focus on both brand awareness and transactional on separate campaigns. If your target demographic is strategic, these campaigns can circumvent a poor sales department very quickly. Content and relevancy matter most.

Min Monthly Budget: $500

Instagram has gained more popularity since 2017 and continues to be an underpriced platform for attention. They key to making your campaigns work is to focus heavy on the creative style and advertising placement location.

There is a different strategy for Instagram Story Ad’s vs Instagram Feed Ad’s, you have to determine the goal of the campaign and build out a strong target demographic criteria.

Min Monthly Budget: $500

Top PPC Mistakes

95% of the time your PPC campaigns ARE NOT setup correctly and your Ads are showing up around the incorrect search phrases. This is mainly due to the fact that your campaigns are setup with a “Broad Match” instead of a “Phrase Match or Exact Match”. Focus on the quality of traffic, not the quantity. Instead of focusing around spending your $500-$1K monthly budget try and spend the least amount of money to get 1-2 solid high quality leads then increase your spend.

Intent of Search: You do not know the intent of the person searching. It could be a competitor, researcher, spammer, student or a potential lead. Audit your traffic on a daily/weekly basis to reduce the total percentage of non relevant lead traffic, however you can never stop it…just increase the efficiency.

Bounce rate: The fastest way to determine the overall effectiveness of a campaign. Most often we audit campaigns that are 85% bounce rate and above, good campaigns should be under 70% worst case.

Social Media Advertising

Social advertising has turned into a commoditized field and everyone under the sun is an “expert” at it, so be careful not to waste your money if they aren’t setup right.

Regardless of social media platform the biggest mistakes are creating content that doesn’t relate to their products, and not creating a specific landing page for the traffic that comes from advertising.

Spend the upfront time setting up the strategy and the resources to make your social advertising campaigns successful, don’t just reuse something that ‘kind of worked’ previously.

Content has to be created for the platform, you shouldn’t run the same video Ad on LinkedIn, Facebook & YouTube. Each campaign needs a specific type of content for that platform, based on the user targets for each platform.

Social Advertising – Examples

All of the advertisements we create for social media are customized to the platform and what works best with the user when they see the ad. Our LinkedIn advertisements have a different look and feel from our Facebook/Instagram advertisements, since we optimize our ad campaigns to get the most out of the money spent.

If your social media marketing agency doesn’t have enough experience on the advertising platforms or in your industry, then you’ll be spinning your wheels and wasting money while they try to figure out your marketing and target demographic. With our 50+ years of combined B2B and B2C experience, we understand your target market quickly and have worked on social advertising campaigns within most industries.

Chose 5 Fold Agency as you social media advertising agency partner and see why our strategies produce the highest results at the lowest cost.

More Than Just PPC

Let’s run through the scenario: So, you want to run paid AdWords campaign on Google so that users searching for your service or product can find you? OK, great! But what happens once that user clicks the ad? Is your landing page properly optimized to capture the lead? Do you have a clear call to action? Is your website responsive to mobile users? Is the content managed properly? Is your value proposition clear and persuasive when compared to your competition?

All of these elements factor into the success of your PPC campaign. This is how our minds work as a PPC Agency —we put ourselves in the user’s seat so we can fully understand their experience, then we make modify our approach based on what we discover about the user’s experience.

Our PPC agency management campaigns go much deeper than just getting the click—our campaigns provide a full-cycle strategy for capturing leads after the click. As a leading PPC agency, we change our tactics based on market feedback and campaign ROI…we aren’t just set in what worked before.

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