6 Video Marketing Tips for your Manufacturing Business

Do you want to improve your company’s brand awareness among customers, prospects, and the general public? Then check out these video marketing tips for your manufacturing business.

Video allows you to tell attention-grabbing stories faster. In the manufacturing industry, where many crucial technical details are involved, what can be said in a three-minute video can then be repurposed for a blog post.

According to research, 83% of marketers claimed that videos help them with lead generation. 87% said it increased traffic to their website, and 80% linked videos to increased sales.

Taking these into account, if you want the same return on investment (ROI) from your video marketing, then follow these video marketing tips.

1. Plan Your Video Marketing Strategy

Having a plan for your video marketing strategy will ensure that you have direction. Therefore, saving time, money, and resources. You’ll get to your “how” once you’ve answered the what, where, when, and who of your video marketing.

What are your content buckets?

Have some variety in your video content topics. You may want to consider the following types of videos:

  • Company Overview
  • Product Demos (Value Proposition)
  • Tours
  • Tutorials
  • Testimonials
  • Interviews
  • Instructional videos

Believe that your audience wants to see everything about your company. Don’t just go for the hard sell approach. Keeping this in mind, people will not make a purchase just after watching two videos explaining why you’re best in the business.

Share your brand story through your video marketing through consistent content. Make your online presence known.

Where are you posting your content?

Where you share your videos matters. It’s good practice to push your video on different digital platforms. Other than your website, share your videos on social media. Instagram may work for manufacturers with a lot of eye-catching machinery.

However, LinkedIn is still the best for your target audience. For the general public, you can opt to share your videos on YouTube as well.

Want to really push it to your existing customer base? Don’t forget to include video in your email marketing strategy as well.

When are you posting your content?

Take your time to introduce your company to your audiences, especially to prospects. You need to have consistency, and you can’t just release all your videos in one go. It’s important to schedule the posting of each video.

For example, your corporate videos can be the bookends of your strategy. While the value propositions, interviews, and micro pieces are all in between. Continue to push your content hard on every digital space that you have every single week.

The more consistent you are in sharing unique and relevant content, the more people will see your brand name and the greater the brand recall will be.

Who are your videos for?

Before you begin shooting video content, define your target market. Every video may have a different target audience such as CEOs, existing customers, purchase managers, and business owners. For that additional reach, make your videos appealing enough to your employees that they will want to share your content even without requiring them to.

2. Shoot Video Content On-Site

As previously mentioned, people who click on your videos want to know about your company. That being considered, shoot on-site and avoid using stock videos. You want your marketing videos to be authentic. When working on the scenes and the b-rolls, shoot months’ worth of content and execute the shots that were visualized in the planning stage.

Don’t know where to start when creating video content for you brand? Work with the team that specializes in video content creation exclusively for manufacturing companies.

3. Choose an Appropriate Background Music

The typical manufacturing company videos have the same boring corporate feel with elevator music, indie rock instrumentals, piano, bells, or chimes. The auditory component of a video must not be pushed aside.

For your manufacturing company’s video marketing, do something different. Choose some songs that can set the tone and help communicate the message of your video.

You have to stand out. And you won’t be able to do that by making cheesy videos.

4. Make the Videos Short but Impactful

We all know that short videos work best in the fast-paced digital world that we live in today. However, effective videos can be three to five minutes long and still be engaging.

For those with shorter attention spans or low interest in your manufacturing company, post micro pieces that are 45 seconds to two and a half minutes long. These are teasers that your audience can enjoy and find value in without losing their attention.

You want them to get hooked so you can lead them to your landing page or website. Once there, they can learn more about your company and its capabilities. Include a call to action. The more invested they are, the more they’ll consume longer forms of content. Therefore, the more likely they are to build a relationship with your brand.

5. Improve Your Videos Visibility with SEO

Potential customers can search for videos, too. So, wherever you decide to publish your videos, make sure that the captions or descriptions are optimized with relevant keywords and hashtags. That way people who are interested in your products and services can find them.

Optimized video content will help your company show up in both Google and YouTube.

6. Choose the Right Team

When getting started, don’t hire a random production company that will charge you thousands for cheesy videos that are probably created with templates and stock footage.

From our experience, we know what people want to see and hear. We at MFG Tribe understand the importance of videos that are trending, disruptive, engaging, and fast-paced. We go on site with our clients to shoot three months’ worth of content.

If you want to stand out against other manufacturing companies, you need to do something different.

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