Video Marketing Tips in 2019: Industrial Marketing

Are you looking to setup up your content marketing strategy in 2019? Are you struggling to stand out in the sea of your competitors?

If you’re in manufacturing or industrial services/products then this video is a perfect fit for you because we work with some of the largest industrial brands in the world on their marketing everyday.

Kyle Milan’s tips and strategy is no just based on theory, it’s based on the past 4 years of working exclusively with the industrial sector to increase brand awareness using the latest digital marketing strategies and over 15 years of Manufacturing Marketing experience previous to THAT!

In 2019 the best way for Manufacturing and Industrial companies to stand out is by using fast paced eye grabbing videos…BUT where companies fail is by only making 1 video.

At 5 Fold Agency, we create 11 micro videos for our clients with the new “Corporate Overview” style video as the main anchor.

We then manage the distribution of these 12 videos over 3 months by utilizing; Social Media, Email Marketing, PPC Ads & Organic YouTube.

By creating 11 micro videos from 45 seconds to 2.5 minutes long, we are able to push the brand awareness campaigns harder and increase exposure drastically over a short period of time.

In Manufacturing & Industrial there are so many service and products offered that most companies fail drastically in their marketing efforts, stand out and be consistent with your content to push new traffic into your pipeline.

Kyle talks about starting his business, and how he did it. 

Kyle Milan

Kyle Milan is a well accomplished Industrial/Manufacturing sales and marketing professional with over 18 years of experience. He is the CEO of MFG Tribe and a Sales and Marketing Strategy & Social Media Marketing expert. He has published several articles at major news media outlets on various topics of; Inbound Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing & Advertising, Industrial Marketing, Manufacturing Marketing, and Entrepreneurship.

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