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Conversion Focused Web Design Agency

Responsive web design is standard and we do some pretty cool things when our clients come on board. The biggest benefit is since we’re a full service web design agency, we look at the entire picture when we’re doing website design and development.

Even if your current site has traffic, a complete overhaul isn’t a bad thing if it hasn’t been optimized by a digital marketing agency. We start at the beginning with target demographic research, fully understanding your service/product and then make sure that all aspects of marketing are being implemented with your web design.

Our web design and development project include more than just an awesome UX and cool graphics, we focus heavy on the marketing side to make sure your site is setup for direct advertising campaigns and strategic brand awareness. As a full service digital marketing agency, we are forward thinking with our web design…once your site is done, how will you drive traffic to it?

With our web design agency resources, we have the teams in place to handle all aspects of your website making sure that it will get organic traffic and ready for those marketing campaigns.

With 5 Fold Agency being a digital marketing agency, we do it all and incorporate the latest strategies and tactics into your web design.

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A Different SEO Approach

Search engine optimization (SEO) is critical if you want prospective clients to discover your business through searching, our industrial SEO tactics make that happen quicker than most. You can put up a slick, minimalist website that the graphic designer you hired will tell you is amazing, but if it’s buried on the 25th page of Google results, your prospective clients will never see it.

That’s where an SEO strategy comes in, preferably created by an SEO agency. Search engines use algorithms to comb your website content for relevance to users. The algorithms are constantly evolving—they get better and better at knowing what users want to see when they search certain keywords.

If your website content doesn’t match what users want to see or if your website simply doesn’t have enough content for the algorithms to determine whether it’s worthwhile for users, your rankings in will drop and your website will be buried beneath your competitor’s websites.

We stay ahead of most companies by tracking the SEO volatility on a daily basis, and react to the changes/effects immediate, instead of waiting for you to tell us.


Videos & Articles

Videos & Articles

We come on-site and shoot content for any type of marketing initiative using images or video. Your content needs to stay up to date and video is a driving force in marketing.

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Social Media

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a powerful tactic for all companies, you just have to focus on the right platform.

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Pay Per Click

Google, Amazon, Social Media and YouTube; From brand awareness campaigns to strategic click/traffic campaigns, we have the expertise with proven results

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