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Manufacturers today need to stand out from the competition.  Without the right digital marketing strategy, you could get lost in the crowd.  This means you need an industrial marketing agency that understands what the manufacturing and the industrial landscape looks like and how to assist you with navigating it.

Marketing to industrial manufacturing companies requires a different approach than B2C. Whether you’re a department of 1 or you have a team, our industrial marketing agency is here to assist you with proven-effective processes.  

We are an industrial marketing and sales company, whose mission is to increase brand awareness.  Our strategy includes content marketing, SEO optimization, social media marketing, and PPC on multiple platforms.  We also offer lead generation support for your technical sales staff to provide your team with qualified opportunities to close!

Partnering with a sales and marketing agency has the added benefit of turning your marketing budget into sales revenue and increasing your ROI. Is it time to make a change?

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Contract Manufacturing

Several of our clients specialize in contract manufacturing, so you know we’ve got you covered when it comes to highlighting kitting services, PCBAs, and more.

Industrial Products

We have a diverse array of backgrounds when it comes to industrial products. Rest assured, MFG Tribe fully understands your product and your marketing needs.


Our industrial marketing services extend into a number of business models, including distributors. We have the connections and industry knowledge to promote your company.


Service-oriented businesses in the B2B industrial sector are on the rise. Clients who offer B2B services are relieved to discover that our marketing strategies are just as effective for their businesses.

Industrial Service
– VS –
Industrial Products

When it comes to Industrial and Manufacturing Marketing for industrial service or industrial products companies, we believe there is no cookie-cutter approach to it. Each of these is different and while they have the same pillar foundation to focus on, you could go down one direction or another, depending on what exactly you do.

From a services standpoint, whether you are serving industrial companies and doing facilities, have manufacturing as a service, machine shops, injection molding, plastics, or robotics, your execution will be different versus a company selling an industrial product. The area that you will be focusing on is where businesses are looking for your services. This is where doing more advertising on LinkedIn and Google search will give you a better ROI. This is also the same if your industrial product is sold to manufacturing or other industrial companies.

If your industrial products are sold to consumers, your focus will be different, because it’s not B2B, but rather B2C. The area that you will be focusing on is driven more toward where those consumers are going to spend their time and so you get a greater ROI. This is where doing more advertising on Facebook and Instagram makes more sense than doing advertising on LinkedIn. You have to think of it from a consumer point of view.

There are 5 key areas that we initially focus on

No matter if you are going for industrial products or industrial services you are going for, your website has to be ready to perform. It doesn’t have to be perfect, however, it has to be ready to take the traffic that comes to your site wherever you are sending it to, and do something with it.  

This means having everything clear, where are they going to, ie. your home page, landing pages, specific products or services pages, and your call to action are all extremely important. You want to make sure that your pages, products, services, and your calls to action are optimized to convert potential customers to whatever it is you’re trying to convert them with. 

This is the driving factor for brand awareness, revenue, and growth. Content is broken out into two buckets, written -vs- video content. How we as a team execute that content is going to depend on exactly what it is that you’re going to be doing.

If you’re doing manufacturing or industrial as a service, then we will want to show off that service. For the services side, we are going to focus on building your presence primarily on LinkedIn. We will provide written content for both your website and your social media postings.  

If you’re an industrial products company such as a machine shop or a company that makes interesting things we will want to showcase your product pictures. For the product side, we are going to build your presence on Instagram and LinkedIn. Again, we will balance it out with written content for your website and social media postings.  

One-half of people want to read, while the other half wants to watch a video, so you need to appease both sectors. Google still ranks articles very high, but with them owning YouTube and with all the videos rolling out, it is neck and neck which one is going to get ranked higher. There needs to be a focus on the written content just as much as video content.

How we go about that will depend again on what it is specifically that you do – industrial service or industrial products. Some areas we need to focus on:

  • It needs to be put on social media and have an active presence. Social is going to be your quickest way to get your content in front of people.
  • Take that content and send it out via email.  If you’re doing email marketing, creating an article is going to be easier to distribute to people. It’s the fastest way to provide some sort of value to people before you go in and ask them for their attention back and give you a sale or a conversation or potential sale.
  • Use that content on your website. Taking the written content and strategically positioning it on your website in the areas that you know people go:  look at your Google Analytics for your website and see the top landing pages and top total page views counts. Look at that data and you’re going to want to make sure your content is relevant on those pages and is there.

You have to follow up with every opportunity. Doing this with different means and ways is extremely important because that’s the only way you’re going to close that deal. This means from a sales perspective, marketing sends opportunities and leads to the sales staff. You always have to follow up whether it is through email, phone calls, or LinkedIn messages. Follow-up is important because that’s the difference between people that close a lot of deals and make money and those that don’t.

Whether you are doing the follow-up internally, or you partner with MFG Tribe to do it for you, this is what separates those that grow quickly and those that don’t.

If you want to speed it up, advertising is a great way to do so while you are working on your organic and your SEO to rank and to continue to have Google crawl your pages. You have to be strategic about it, so doing things like Google Search, Google Display, focusing on LinkedIn strategic searches, and doing things like display advertising or email are great ways if done correctly. Going after a specific group of accounts, types, personas, and titles, can be extremely effective for you. This will give you a boost while you wait for all of the organic content to start ranking.

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