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Customized monthly programs or single projects

Marketing Pricing

Are you ready to make a change? At MFG Tribe, our industrial marketing agency equips each client with an aggressive and goal-oriented digital sales and marketing strategy. It doesn’t matter if you’re a marketing department of one or have a team of 20. Our experts are ready to assist with the heavy lifting and get your company back on track.

Whether your company deals in plastics, heavy machining, industrial product, industrial services, or anything else, we have the skills and the experience to make sure your brand focuses on what will drive the greatest increase in revenues.

Dominate your industry

Our standard monthly programs are great starting points to build customization around exactly what your company needs to hit your goals. While our industrial marketing pricing isn’t cheap, you get what you pay for. 

Working with the best in the industry saves you time to see actionable results in your business, don’t be fooled by the cheap agencies out there. They don’t have the expertise to make the same level of impact.


$6,500+ monthly

Our contributor program is a great starting point for companies that are looking to begin taking their marketing more seriously!

This program touches on the key areas of; Web & SEO, Content Marketing with Articles, and Social Media Management. Every month we complete the actions per our proposal and track the results of the efforts with monthly calls.


$13,000+ monthly

The Creator Program builds on top of the Contributor Program’s core areas with a deeper dive into Web/SEO, an Increased number of monthly articles, and adds in full video production.

Video is driving the most engagement in the Industrial industry and is the fastest way to increase brand awareness. Most of our clients get between 40-100 videos per year to keep them standing out every month


$16,500+ monthly

Our Partner Program combines our lower-tier programs together and adds an extensive e-mail marketing/CRM management system and a fully developed and managed PPC/Advertising program.

This program is designed to cover all digital marketing areas to create the most full-circle approach to either be your entire marketing force or a major extension of your team.