Industrial Lead Generation

Not like any other lead generation program available, we have over 40+ years of direct industrial sales experience. We’ve walked in your shoes and worked with companies and individuals every day helping grow their revenue with our industrial lead generation tactics.

If your revenue growth is currently flat or if you’re trying to break into a new industry, our industrial lead generation program is the missing piece of your sales effort.

The most common reason our clients choose to partner with MFG Tribe is that they are tired of working with companies that don’t understand their industry, product, service, or target demographic.

We don’t simply engineer a strategy and then hand it off. Instead, we roll up our sleeves and work with you on the execution, providing expert guidance throughout the process to ensure that each client becomes a success story.

Unlock Your REVENUE Potential

We KNOW industrial and our industrial lead generation service is designed to provide you with the fastest results and new opportunities to grow revenue. With over 50 years of experience selling directly for industrial and manufacturing companies, there is not a single company in the world that provides the type of results or services specifically to the industrial/manufacturing market.

Our Industrial Lead Generation services are broken down into a few different programs below. Everything is 100% customizable so our team can provide the EXACT solution to help you dominate.


$5,000+ monthly

Our Starter Program is ideal for companies that are looking for initial help with building out their systems and processes. Our team works in the background of your department managing your CRM/Pipeline, Building Lead Lists, and sending out automated sales emails.

Optional Add-ons: Sales team management, LinkedIn profile management, Technical Sales University licenses


$7,000+ monthly

When companies need that extra boost, they choose the Accelerator Program. Including everything in the Starter Program, our team does all of the cold calling/appointment setting for you at scale on a weekly basis.

Due to our strong industrial sales background, we can quickly understand your service/products to develop scripts and build on your existing value proposition.

Optional Add-ons: Sales team management, LinkedIn profile management, Technical Sales University licenses


$13,000+ monthly

The Partner Program includes everything in the Starter and Accelerator but adds in our team closing deals in an assigned territory. With our team in control of an area, this is the fastest way to increase revenue.

Optional Add-ons: Sales team management, LinkedIn profile management, Technical Sales University licenses

Generating Opportunities

Producing high levels of sales activities is great, but it holds less weight if the leads generated aren’t turning into REAL opportunities for our clients. We are not a call center, we are your sales partner, therefore we need open communication on the status of all leads generated once they are turned over to you and your open opportunities that were generated from our activities. All of this data is tracked on a monthly basis.

Our team meets with you on a monthly basis to review all of our outbound activities and align them to your internal goals and activities. We focus on generating opportunities that not only are a fit with your targets but also have a high probability to close.

Cold Calling & Appointment Setting

When properly utilized, the phone can be a powerful tool in lead generation activities. Most industrial salespeople are either; scared of it, don’t use it enough, or don’t think that it works. Since 2016, we have been using “the phone” as a major tool to bring opportunities to our clients for all of those contacts that aren’t engaging in outbound email or social outreach. Sometimes, the fastest way to generate opportunities NOW is to pick up the phone and call your lead list.

Every client we work with has specific needs, therefore our involvement is customized around what’s missing in their sales activity and how we can make the biggest impact.

Lead List Building

Since 2018, we have been utilizing ZoomInfo for all of our lead list-building needs. They have proven to be the leader with the most up-to-date and accurate data available. While no data company’s information is 100% accurate, ZoomInfo leads the pack.

We build custom lists and work with you to determine your exact target demographic based on numerous filtering criteria. We can reverse engineer an existing list of your customers that are considered “ideal” or build out new lists based on company industry, location, employee size, contact job function, job title, and management level.

Sales Emails

MFG Tribe has perfected the process of sales email marketing to provide value rather than spamming. All of our practices are focused on providing value to your audience while seeking high levels of engagement. We use a strategic approach to; cold contacts, nurturing existing contacts, and increasing revenue from existing clients.

Tracking all of this information in a robust CRM system to properly filter and score contact records is required to be efficient. This is the only way to optimize your pipeline and outbound sales activities to focus on contacts that have higher likelihood to engage.

CRM and Pipeline Management

As a HubSpot Partner, we have all of the knowledge your team needs to not only get your system set up and optimized, but we know all of the specific tools and areas that need your attention the most. Because we only work with Industrial/Manufacturing companies, we only require a minimal amount of upfront information before we can get you up and running.

Setup, Optimization, and Monthly Management

Whether you have an existing HubSpot license or are having us set up a new system, we still review all of the areas below and get the system set up correctly:

Sales Team Management

Industrial Sales tactics have changed over the past decade, it’s less about “buy from me” and more about selling a solution to their problem. We work with your existing sales team to continue training on technical sales in all aspects and set the weekly activity level goals that are expected to produce the results your company is working towards.

Everything we set up will be customized around your products/services, past history of performance, and growth goals. We will be laying the foundation for a robust sales process and expectations of existing and future salespeople that are hired on your team.

Ready to step up your revenue operations?


You may have tried industrial lead generation in the past and it didn’t work. That’s because the company you chose didn’t have the experience or knowledge of how to make an IMMEDIATE impact on your industrial sales pipeline.