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MFG Tribe TV was created out of a necessity to bring awareness to the Manufacturing Industry and promote it amongst the youthful generations. Our aim is to highlight manufacturing companies and processes to educate people into the world of manufacturing.

Whether a company offers a manufacturing services or makes an amazing product, our goal is to document all types of manufacturing.




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Our Host – Kyle Milan

Kyle Milan - 5 Fold Agency

Kyle Milan spent over 15 years in the manufacturing industry, starting in high school as a technician at Grayhill, Inc. a electro mechanical switch company in LaGrange, IL. He continued going to school at night taking engineering classes at the community college while he was working towards becoming a Manufacturing Engineer.

Over his first 5 years in manufacturing he held the titles; Technician, Draftsman, Manufacturing Engineer, Advanced Manufacturing Engineer and Application Development Engineer. He held all of these titles with an engineering degree.

His ambition led him to a Sales position in the Plastics Industry working for a Custom Injection Molding company in Lockport, IL (Paramount Plastics). He spent 10 years in Sales and Marketing plastics at 3 different companies achieving excess of 40 Million in revenue generated single handedly while also managing the Sales and Marketing departments.

After his successful career in manufacturing he started MFG Tribe, a digital marketing agency focusing on; Content Marketing (video and written), Social Media Marketing and Advertising.

Kyle knows first hand the struggles of getting into manufacturing with no experience, no college degree and made a very successful and lucrative career and personal brand. He is recognized as an influencer in Manufacturing, Digital Marketing and Sales.

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All episodes are shot at your facility over a 1.5 day period, we bring our team and all equipment with us. We also provide additional video content for your to distribute to your potential customer, publish on social media, post to your website and use for any digital marketing efforts.

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