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Marketing and Business Keynote Speaker

Kyle Milan - 5 Fold Agency

As a marketing agency CEO, Kyle Milan is in the trenches of marketing on a daily basis working with companies at $1 Million – $1 Billion in sales. He uses a set of core strategies and mindset, but adapts his tactics and execution to best assist the clients reach their targeted goals. Constantly adapting based on consistent testing of the best practices, his tactics adjusts with the market. He focuses on providing up to date information that can be used instantly and provides the audience with tangible takeaways.

High energy and audience engagement are the focus of Kyle Milan’s keynote style, typically 50% of the time is spent on audience Q&A to provide the most effective experience and answer direct questions that provide direct answers.

Marketing Keynote Speakers

Kyle Milan has a vast range of knowledge in marketing and blends all of the best strategies and tactics together to provide the audience with tangible takeaways and actionable things that they can do right away. The keynotes don’t give fluffy marketing tactics and general ideas, they reference direct tactics that produce results.

All keynote topics are 100% focused around the audience and what will provide the best value

  • Marketing in Manufacturing: What are the best strategies and tactics to increase brand awareness and top line growth

  • Social Media Marketing & Advertising: How to grow your personal and company brand by using organic and paid tactics

  • Web Design & Development: Best practices for web design that increases the UX and conversation rate on your site

  • SEO (search engine optimization): How to get your website on the first page and keep it there

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Sales Expert

After spending 9 years in B2B sales, Kyle Milan produced industry breaking records of accelerated growth for 3 different mid-sized plastic injection molding companies. Over the 9 years, he successfully achieved; 50+ Million in new business, 45+ new customers (from mid-sized to Fortune 500), 1,500+ projects will new tooling from various industries (industrial electronics, agriculture, appliance, automotive, consumer goods, health & fitness, etc).

From large groups of 500+ industry pro’s to small teams of five people, Kyle Milan customizes everything around the audience

  • How to hunt for new business using a strategic selling approach

  • How to use the right social media tactics to drive top line growth

  • How to stand out amongst the competition of other polo logo wearing sales engineers

  • How to use a value based sales approach

  • How to grow quickly with the right customers

  • Prospecting 101; How to get started when you have no leads or contact lists, what to say and how often should you follow up, follow up best practices, goal of 1st meeting, understanding your value proposition

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Entrepreneurship, Success and Getting What You Want

From humble beginnings starting with nothing and all of the odds against him, Kyle was able to push past what society said he could achieve.

Quick background facts:

  • High School Drop Out
  • Went to college part time while working, then dropped out
  • Non-degreed but still able to hold positions that required an engineering degree from 3 different companies
  • Started a business with zero funding and only 3 months of savings
  • How to set goals outside of your comfort zone / Achieving anything you want in life personal and career / Patterns, Prioritizing and Determination / Fighting through societies stereotype on you

  • How to start a business with nothing and grow into a sustainable income

  • How to choose what business you want to start

  • Are you really an entrepreneur, how to find out

  • How to succeed in your career and get the most value for your skills

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