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We are an Austin, Texas based Industrial Manufacturing Marketing Agency with manufacturing clients all over the world. Since 2016 MFG Tribe has been working with a wide range of industrial and manufacturing companies to provide the latest sales and marketing tactics to increase brand awareness and revenue.

No longer do you have to spend hours explaining what your products or services do to people that just don’t understand it and don’t know the first thing about how to sell or market to your industry.  With over 50 years of direct industrial experience, our clients get the peace of mind that we not only understand the business but how to reach their target customers.

Our strategic approach to industrial marketing combines the tactics of website, SEO, content marketing with articles and videos, a strategic approach on LinkedIn, and using hyper-focused PPC and advertising campaigns.  We create over 500 videos and 500 articles each year for some of the top industrial brands and manufacturing services companies.  

If you’re an industrial or manufacturing company looking for a partner that actually understands your business, then you have found your match.  Don’t wait for customers to find you, partner with MFG Tribe, and begin dominating your industry today.

Manufacturing Marketing Strategy


The most common reason our clients choose to partner with MFG Tribe is that they are tired of working with companies that don’t understand their industry, product, service, or target demographic.

We only work with manufacturing/industrial companies and we know the daily struggles of this industry because we came from it.

We equip our clients with aggressive digital marketing strategies focused only on channels where we know their target demographic is paying attention. How do we know where our target audience is focusing their attention? Experience.

We’ve always been a manufacturing marketing agency and worked with some of the biggest industrial companies in the world. We make sure your brand focuses on the right areas and executes strategies that actually drive revenue.






Frequently Asked Questions

Manufacturers must never forget the first stage in the buyer’s cycle, raising brand awareness. Use targeted content to raise awareness about your brand and your capabilities. It is an opportunity to establish a loyal customer base and reel in new ones.

Produce either value-rich and SEO-driven content so you can provide education, insights, and actionable solutions that your potential customers will value as a resource. There are many content types that you can create according to your chosen target audience.

Blogs and Videos

Use your blogs and video content to tell your brand story while showing your ability to supply the quality products and services that your customers are looking for. Introduce yourself to your target prospects, so they will trust you enough to make purchases.

With the right keyword strategy and inbound marketing tactics, blogs and video content effectively increase organic traffic to your website.

White Paper and Case Studies

Another example is through white papers and case studies. These pieces of content are created to address frequently asked questions about your products or your specific niche in the manufacturing industry.

Valuable resources such as these help prospective customers who are still researching or curious about your products and services.

Your manufacturing company can create content that targets your specific products and services’ current and potential buyers. If your company has varied product or service offerings, you must create content based on each capability.

For instance, have a different content approach if you are offering parts and another content approach when offering pre-assembled kits. With that said, focus on the customers who need your products and services and address particular customer pain points in your content.


Case study showing industrial marketing efforts for ABS Machining



Case study showing industrial marketing efforts for Riverside Integrated Solutions



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