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Standing Out

Can Be Easy

for manufacturers

Since 2017, a strong content marketing for manufacturers strategy has been the deciding factor when it comes to separating yourself from the pack of competitors. Companies that take this seriously, are producing content on a regular basis to flood the marketing by showing their subject matter expertise. Our content marketing for manufacturers’ strategy focuses on telling your story through creativity and a robust strategy using data.

We create over 900+ pieces of content every year covering every aspect from simple blog posts to complex technical white papers, corporate videos, website video content and assisted in Podcast setup and marketing. You must have a strategic approach to your content marketing calendar keeping in mind that you don’t create without a purpose.


Your digital marketing strategy needs to revolve around content, the days of continuing to pound the market with the same messaging style or following up with potential customers with the same type of email are long gone. Your target demographic wants to see something new that is relevant to them, and a lot of companies are missing the mark.

No longer is it enough for a company to talk about what they could do, now potential customers want to see what you can do. If you don’t have new relevant content to share, then how can customers be intrigued enough to see what you’re offering?

Explore the two main content categories and how we’ve been helping industrial companies DOMINATE by creating over 2K pieces of content per year.

Written Content

White Papers



Line Cards

Technical PDFs

While video content is seeing an explosive upward trend with no indication of stopping, that doesn’t mean that you can simply push written content off to the side.

Written content such as articles and blogs play a key role in any SEO strategy, as these pages are the ones whose keywords will contribute the most to SEO metrics. The only way to improve SEO positions/rankings is to continuously create content that is relevant to your target demographic.

Combining search terms/themes that you’re focused on with our own in-depth research/auditing on your industry and competitors, we have a lot of data at our fingertips. We then take that research and produce a content written content strategy, including a monthly content calendar for your review. We write casual blogs and articles targeted toward earning and keeping customers’ interest, as well as technical content like white papers to explain more complex, in-depth concepts that aren’t well suited to video.

Creating 500 articles a year graphic

Industrial video Production

Social Media

Website & YouTube

Video & Photo Shoots

Corporate Videos

Interviews & Testimonials

Creative videos play an important role in marketing initiatives, and they have since 2016, grown in popularity every year.

At least 50% of your target demographic would rather watch a video than read lines of text, and video is what people most frequently stop their social feeds on. By investing in video content, whether that’s background website videos or updated corporate videos, you are staying with the latest marketing tactics that are performing the best.

Once our team completes the discovery phase of the project, we create the content strategy to ensure the content matches the purpose and distribution methods. We travel on-site to your facility and spend 1-3 days shooting all of the content that we need. Within 3-4 weeks we have the final edited content (20-30 videos) and are ready for distribution campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the purpose of creating content every month? Besides the highly beneficial factor of contributing to your overall SEO strategy, content is what people want to see. Whether it’s something educational, entertaining, or informative the “market” has made it clear that content is the deciding factor to gain attention. Not enough companies in the industrial landscape are understanding this and they are missing out on significant opportunities for brand awareness.

Most marketing agencies know that consistently posting written content is one of the key ways of ranking on Google.  While video has become extremely popular, there is still a sector of the market that likes to read.  There are also some technical aspects for industrial companies, that can be best explained and understood in writing, rather than in video.

One of our industrial manufacturing clients has equations and solution examples on their site. This a wonderful tool for engineers to go back to and reference.  In this case, it is all about the user experience and what makes it easier for them to retrieve information quickly, rather than pilfering through a video each time they need that information.

Written content can come in many forms for our industrial and manufacturing clients.  If you are looking for higher SEO results, we recommend strategically focused articles that are posted to your blog or latest news, however you have it listed on your website.  For most of our clients, we post a new article to their site every other week. We also write a range of technical papers such as white papers and product brochures, just to name a few.

Video is all the rage now for consumers, and many times industrial companies are behind the curve when it comes to their video strategy.  What our agency has experienced with our clients, is that video is an excellent tool in showcasing their products, services, as well as their company.  We know that today you have to show what you can do, not just talk about it. Our goal is to distribute a new piece of video content every week.

Our video content strategy consists of:

  • Interviews with the executive team and key employees
  • The facility, technology, services, software/hardware demo’s
  • Corporate videos (not the boring kind)
  • Behind the scenes
  • High-resolution images of products, facility, software, employee team, etc
  • Videos for specific PPC or YouTube pre-roll will be laid out ahead of time – Optimized for YouTube organic SEO

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