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Social Media

LinkedIn isn’t just a tool for job hunters; this is a limitless professional network that can flood your sales funnel with qualified sales leads. Is your industrial marketing agency driving your brand awareness with the right people, on the right platforms?

MFG Tribe will reverse-engineer your ideal customer and drive the strategic demographics into your sales funnel through a robust social media marketing strategy customized for industrial companies. We bolster your social media presence for maximum effectiveness and implement a strategic program specifically designed to help you convert your social connections to sales.


The best social platform for manufacturing companies to start building brand awareness and used as a great prospecting tool in technical sales.


Promoting company culture and attracting the right job candidates is the best use of Facebook for manufacturing and industrial companies.


With proper use of images and hashtags, Instagram can be a powerful platform for specific industrial companies. Show off the products you make with your manufacturing process.


We manage your manufacturing company page to motivate your prospective clients to take action, a key aspect of working with an industrial marketing agency that knows social media marketing for manufacturers. We ensure a consistent presence for your brand and deliver content worth engaging with, which is a critical component of social media marketing for manufacturers. 

We also teach your team how to utilize the social media content we create to boost their own personal network on LinkedIn, to be able to turn it into a social selling platform and bring new opportunities into the pipeline. Investing time and effort into LinkedIn as one of your key industrial marketing techniques is crucial because it is the most popular social media platform for people in business. Whether you’re in technical sales, manufacturing, or telecommunications, your employees and company will benefit from our marketing tactics on LinkedIn.

Depending on if you’re an industrial products or services company, we develop a strategic plan to achieve your goals and track monthly KPIs. Our industrial marketing agency delivers results because we understand and track the algorithm!

LinkedIn Prospecting

Access to exclusive content and coaching from our CEO on exactly how to grow your LinkedIn network and use as a prospecting tool, great for teams or 1-on-1.

Consistent Posting

We post 5 times per week to your company page with a mix of brand promotion and non-brand promotion, this depends on if you’re an industrial product or service company.

Brand Awareness

Your company has to stand out from the competition, so we develop a strong branding strategy and integrate your brand values throughout the entire business process.

Page Optimization

When you develop and share engaging useful content with your audience, you grow your organic reach. If users find your content valuable, they will follow your company page.

Branded Graphics

We create custom branded graphics posted weekly linking to your company website (home page or internal page). Graphics can be used for future advertising campaigns.

Monthly Reporting

Access to a customized live dashboard as well as monthly reports and a 60-minute conference call with your project manager, we make sure you know everything that’s going on.

Brand Awareness
Organic Growth

Building brand awareness is a crucial aspect of an industrial marketing agency’s service. This is a priority because branding is essential during the early stages of the decision-making process. It has a significant impact on buying intention.

Potential customers are searching for a solution to their problems. You want to incorporate a manufacturing branding strategy that minimizes their search time. Develop a company identity that can be recognized and easily recalled so you stay top of mind.

Once our industrial clients come on board, we develop a strategic social strategy together and provide monthly reports tracking the KPIs and goals of the initiative. By integrating with the sales pipeline, we provide high-quality traffic through the social pages, and our clients typically see a 2x – 7x increase in engagement & impressions.

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Our Core Skills

Simple native posts to social or professionally creative corporate content, people want authenticity and vulnerability.

We don’t just build the strategy, we roll up our sleeves and work with you to execute it.

We develop a strategic plan to achieve your goals and track with monthly KPI’s. Our social media marketing agency delivers results.

We stay ahead of most companies by tracking the SEO volatility on a daily basis, and react to the change immediate, instead of waiting for you.

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