How to Start a Small Business – Tips From an Expert

If you’re interested in building your small business and growing it to the point where you won’t need to work your full-time job, this video is for you. I talk about my own experiences with starting my business, and how I tuned a side hustle into my full-time job.

If you’re passionate about your side hustle, you’ll be working on it here and there, or maybe more often, depending on how much time you can devote to it. I go over the best ways to make it a real business as soon as possible, with the minimum cost.

Kyle talks about starting his business, and how he did it. 

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Kyle Milan

Kyle Milan is a well accomplished Industrial/Manufacturing sales and marketing professional with over 18 years of experience. He is the CEO of MFG Tribe and a Sales and Marketing Strategy & Social Media Marketing expert. He has published several articles at major news media outlets on various topics of; Inbound Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing & Advertising, Industrial Marketing, Manufacturing Marketing, and Entrepreneurship.

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