MFG Tribe TV – S1E6 – ProMed Molded Products (Medical Injection Molding)

Do you know how implantable medical devices are made? In this episode of MFG Tribe TV we visit with ProMed Molded Products, one of the leading silicone injection molding companies for the medical industry.

We meet with their team to learn about everything that they do and talk to the team that makes it happen every day to learn why they chose manufacturing as their career path.

To Learn More About ProMed Molded Products:

Since 1989 ProMed has been a leading force in the art and science of medical molding to address an industry need for cleanroom molding of silicone components and assemblies. With their primary focus to manufacture components, which have medical applications which are short-term and long-term implantable, that are intricately designed silicone and plastic components.

Their innovative processes include molding of components and automated assembly, including assembly of complete devices.

Over the years, they have evolved into a full-service provider of molded parts and assembled products, including molded silicone components, bio-material grade plastic components, combination components (incorporating pharmaceuticals) and value added assemblies.

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