Time Management Tips in 2019

Working through endless task lists is one of the most depressing things to do in your daily job. For some project management jobs, their lives revolve around task management…

When I was listening to Andy Frisella’s Podcast: MFCEO Project I learned about his “Power List” and it has been the most efficient way for me to prioritize my day.

Here’s how it works:
– Create a list of 5 critical tasks to be completed
– These tasks include both your personal life and work life, however you do not put anything on this list that is already part of your normal routine. Example: Do not put “workout” if you have been working out everyday and it’s already part of your routine.


– Once you complete your tasks, scratch them off the list
– Once all tasks are done, put a check mark next to the day

The idea behind this “win the day” mentality is to boost positive reinforcement and take micro bites out of your “to do list” and increase productivity.

Here’s How I use it at 5 Fold Agency:
– Every day I keep 1-2 of those spots on the list for my own things. Whether that has to do with Business Development activities or CEO activities, I do not let me team control all 5.
– My team is then given 3-4 spots for them to assign me “CRITICAL TASKS” that have to get completed on that day.

It works amazing.

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