LinkedIn Advertising for Industrial Companies

If you’re struggling to make your paid and targeted content perform well, then you’re doing some-thing wrong. More often than not, it means you’re targeting the wrong advertising platforms.

For years, industrial companies have relied on Google AdWords and Facebook in order to advertise their content. But unfortunately, these platforms don’t provide their advertisers with robust data on the motivations behind searches. And that information, as you know, is critical. You simply cannot de-velop a strategic approach to content marketing without that insight.

If you want a more strategic advertising approach, then it’s time to consider the benefits of LinkedIn advertising for industrial companies. Yes, it’s true that these tools cost a little more. But there’s a rea-son for that. Did you know that 46% of social traffic to B2B sites actually comes from LinkedIn?

LinkedIn advertising for industrial companies offers a more tailored approach to its advertisers’ needs. This means more relevant data, such as users’ companies, job functions, industries, and even inter-ests. Take advantage of this data because users with managerial positions typically update their pro-files up to four times annually so you can get the most up-to-date information for your LinkedIn ad filters. What a concept, right?

In turn, this will allow you to put your content in front of a far more targeted audience and dramatically increase the likelihood of conversions.

Interested? Let’s dive into how you can optimize LinkedIn advertising for industrial companies.

The Ad Types on LinkedIn Advertising for Industrial Companies That Work Best for You

As of 2021, these are the best ad types from LinkedIn advertising for industrial companies that you can choose from based on your objectives:

  • Sponsored content
    • Basic content ads
    • Video ads
    • Carousel ads
  • Sponsored Messaging
  • Text Ads
  • Dynamic Ads

Sponsored content allows you to push relevant content to your target demographic by placing your content directly in their feed. You can sponsor an original status update, article, graphic, carousel, or video on your company page. Boosting branded videos or graphics works best according to historical data.

Sponsored messaging allows you to send personalized private messages to your target demographic. LinkedIn advertising for industrial companies determines the usage frequency of your target so you won’t waste your money on unopened InMails. While this is similar to traditional email marketing, you don’t need to have your leads’ email addresses in order to send InMails. All you have to do is build your criteria within the platform.

Text ads and dynamic ads both appear on the right rail of the platform. Text ads can be found on the top right side with a clickable headline, image, and short description. Dynamic ads are placed on the middle to lower right side.

Select your demographic

You can select your target demographic with the detailed and updated database from LinkedIn adver-tising for industrial companies, where you can select preferences for geographical location, headline, industry, job function, school, et cetera. When filtering, start with the industry, then job function, fol-lowed by seniority, and then the location (so long as that’s in alignment with your objectives).

You can also do strategic account-based marketing tactics. For example, you can target specific job functions from your list of 100 companies.

Focus on Optimizing Your Ads for Desktop Use

While a lot of LinkedIn users might be on mobile, this doesn’t mean that your target audiences are heavy mobile users as well. Take into consideration that in the B2B space, most of these people are in their offices on laptops or desktops, so it’s okay to focus more on optimizing your LinkedIn advertising for industrial companies ads for desktop use.

But remember that this is not so much the case for people in sales and marketing. They are more likely to be accessing LinkedIn through their mobile devices than CEOs, engineers, and purchasing managers are. This is important to consider as you create your company’s strategy when using LinkedIn advertis-ing for industrial companies.

Start with at Least 4 Pieces of Content

For initial testing, you need four pieces of content for your sponsored post campaigns. You may opt to conduct two A/B tests or one multivariate test with four variants.

Besides the fact that people do not appreciate repetitive ads, these four ads — whether they’re done in video, article, white paper, or graphic format — will be served to your target demographic so that you can see what they find most engaging.

This is actually one of the prescribed best practices from LinkedIn advertising for industrial companies, as they have found that campaigns with more ads usually reach more people in the target audience. If the process confuses you, consider reaching out to an industrial marketing agency for some guidance.

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Run Your Ads on Weekdays Only

Most people are on LinkedIn during business days, so only run your ads on weekends if you feel that your target users are an exception. The rule of thumb is to stick to weekdays, and aim for the middle of the week.

Control Your Ad Spend

On LinkedIn advertising for industrial companies, you have the option to do pay per click or pay per impression, so you can have complete control over your ad spending on the platform. Similar to Google AdWords, whoever bids the highest gets the top spot.

In terms of expenses, it can go from $6-$15 per click/impression. Again, this is more expensive than average. But do note: in terms of the value and data set that advertisers receive, particularly in the B2B industry, LinkedIn remains unmatched by any other platform in what it offers.

Overall, with the right understanding of your target demographic and the right ad creatives, LinkedIn advertising for industrial companies provides the B2B space with advertising tactics and resources that are widely considered to be well-worth the cost. Positioning your industrial company in your industry is critical. It’s an investment that you should not take lightly.

And even with the right tools from LinkedIn advertising for industrial companies, remember that you are not guaranteed results. That is just one component of your overall advertising strategy. While LinkedIn advertising for industrial companies offers disruptive marketing that goes straight to your target demographic’s feed or InMail, industrial companies often still struggle to get the results they want.

This is where it makes sense to seek out some expert guidance. MFG Tribe is here to help you get the most value. We minimize your cost per lead by maximizing the results of LinkedIn advertising for in-dustrial companies. We love what we do and so do our clients. Reach out to us for more information on how we can help your industrial company stand out!