Why Video Marketing is So Effective for Manufacturing Companies

Every minute, roughly 500 hours of video content is uploaded to YouTube. This seems on track with a prediction from IT leader Cisco that by 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic.

Videos allow marketers to spoon-feed information to their audiences. That’s because video con-tent tends to be entertaining and convenient, and also requires less energy than reading does. And in the industrial sector, information can be confusing, detailed, and have so many moving parts. That’s exactly why video marketing is so effective for manufacturing companies.

It’s a marketing trick that’s not so secret anymore. In fact, 83% of businesses use videos as part of their marketing strategy. In the B2B space, 71% of marketers use video content.

While 71% is the majority, video is still an underutilized marketing tool (especially when it comes to B2B marketing for industrial and manufacturing companies). That’s a big part of why video market-ing is so effective for manufacturing companies, specifically. Also, of those using video content in their marketing strategy, a number skimp on the equipment and talent needed to produce high qual-ity videos. This results in content that appears low-budget, which may even harm the company brand.

It’s not enough to just upload regularly. The key here is to have a strategy because making rel-evant video content is definitely not easy.

Video marketing will help your manufacturing company stand out, reach your target market, and increase revenues even more.

Why Video Marketing is so Effective

You can’t just post a couple of videos and expect your sales to skyrocket within a week. What you need is a strategy. It’s all about planned actions with your target market in mind. It’s also important to be deliberate when answering questions such as what you’re trying to achieve with this con-tent, what to post, where to post, and how often to post.

Producing videos is expensive but it’s definitely worth the investment. In fact, 73% of B2B marketers found a significant ROI because of video marketing. It’s no secret why video marketing is so effective for manufacturing companies, huh?

Video is a Manufacturing Marketer’s Secret Weapon

Some marketers in the manufacturing industry refuse to make original videos because they think that videos are too time-consuming, complicated, and expensive. But the truth is you can cut downtime and costs by planning your video content in advance. With a plan in place, you’ll know exactly how to go about shooting your content. It will save time, money, and resources.

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When it comes to topics, don’t stress if you aren’t sure what the topic should be. Thinking of en-gaging topics is a struggle for content creation in general. But don’t forget that there are so many executions to choose from.

Below are some video content types that you can use for your manufacturing company:

  • Explainer videos
  • Factory tours
  • Vlogs (video blogs)
  • Video interviews
  • Tutorial videos
  • Videos of presentations
  • Product demos and reviews
  • Video testimonials
  • Video ads

With these options and your well-planned content strategy, you can definitely utilize videos to leverage your strengths and attract the right audience to your manufacturing business.

The Link Between Trust and Sales

Ultimately, we want to use video marketing to increase sales in your manufacturing business. How do we do that? In sales, the number one rule is to establish trust, and video helps build that trust by putting a face to your brand. People tend to favor the relatable and familiar, which is why putting a face to your brand name will help customers to remember you.

In that sense, why video marketing is so effective for manufacturing companies? Especially if you have a number of competitors, you want to stand out. Your audience will appreciate the authenticity and more conversational form of video content. When planning your video content, keep in mind the customer journey and create a video for every step of the way.

From the customer’s initial awareness up to the purchase and loyalty phase, it’s clear why video marketing is so effective for manufacturing companies. Hard selling doesn’t work as well in a digital space. But study after study shows that including a video on your landing pages can boost your conversion rate by 80%. Simply follow the top-of-the-funnel approach with more relevant content as you go.

That being said, the best results will occur when your marketing team ensures the quality of those videos. Investing in top quality video content is part of why video marketing is so effective for manufacturing companies. That’s because manufacturing companies tend to partner with established and experienced industrial marketing agencies that know exactly how to share their brand story and include the appropriate visual cues to foster brand loyalty.

Retention and Impression: You Can’t Argue with the Data

Do your videos create an impression? Retention and impression are major aspects of why video marketing is so effective for manufacturing companies. According to Social Media Examiner, 80% of the videos produced by professional marketers are 3 minutes or less.

For ads, make sure that your video is effective even without sound. Studies show that 92% of the audience for your content doesn’t have the sound on when they watch your boosted video, so include texts and closed captions if necessary.

In the manufacturing industry, what can be said in a three-minute video may be over a thousand words in an article. That’s yet another reason why video marketing is so effective for manufacturing companies.

Videos are the future of marketing. They’re entertaining for the viewers and they get the message across if they’ve been produced correctly. If there’s no question in your mind of why video mar-keting is so effective for manufacturing companies, then make this critical investment in your marketing strategy and get ready to see results!