6 Industrial Marketing Tips for Web Design

The use of digital marketing tools for manufacturing and industrial companies is not a new concept anymore. Most manufacturers are aware that for their business’ visibility and brand-building, they must have one of the most important digital marketing tools, a website.

You might have a functioning website already, but is it updated? Is it user-friendly?

Do not base your website’s design on looks alone. Just because it looks cool doesn’t mean it is fully optimized and delivers results.

Follow these industrial marketing tips for web design we have listed below to create an effective industrial company web design that turns your traffic into leads and conversions.

1. Keep the Homepage Clean and Straightforward

To begin, you are most likely to share your company’s homepage on your social media sites.

Your website is the first link that customers will see when they specifically search for your company name. Ensure that your homepage offers a clear message and makes an excellent first impression of your manufacturing company.

Moreover, your homepage on your industrial website must summarize who you are, what you do, and why you are the best in the industry. However, do not cram all the details about your company, products, and services all on this page. Instead, use internal pages that can be found on the homepage or the navigation bar. This will help guide future customers to take action quickly.

To avoid making your site text-heavy, use titles, headings, and subheadings and break up pieces of text information. For example, doing this makes your site easy to read as people read on your site’s mobile and desktop versions.

2. Make Sure Your Internal Pages are Value-rich

Your main page is essential in impressing new visitors, but so are your website’s other pages. Make the internal pages of your site as optimized as your homepage.

Not to mention, your internal pages are where you will lead your customers for specific actions. See what products and services you can group on one page. Likewise, you can avoid numerous standalone pages that only have 200 words or fewer on them.

3. Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Use search engine optimization to make your website pages discoverable online. This provides the opportunity for your business to be discovered on a global level. Have at least 300 words in your content to improve your search engine results ranking. The best length is 500 to 2,000 words.

Also, produce quality content about your value proposition, your brand, and your capabilities so a user can immediately find information. In addition, make sure that your pages are relevant and search engine optimized. Great SEO goes beyond the visible texts. Optimize images, metadata, alt texts, and alt descriptions, as well.

4. Add Visual Content

Avoid a bland website by adding vivid images using graphics, photos, and videos. Include relevant images to highlight your company’s offers. More importantly, videos are the most effective for driving engagement. So use this visual content when relevant to your topic. It is not enough to have a creative website.

Pro Tip: Work with an agency that can capture your branding and what you do through video and incorporate it into the website’s elements.

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5. Have a Responsive Industrial Web Design

A responsive website means that the site pages automatically resize and reformat depending on the device’s and screen’s orientation. Over 3 billion searches are performed on Google each day. Of those searches, over half are performed on a mobile device. So, it is important to make sure that your website is friendly to users on desktop, tablet, and smartphones. This will make your visitors stay longer, resulting in a lower bounce rate.

Also, having a responsive manufacturing website will also be helpful for your SEO ranking. For example, Google puts websites that are “unresponsive” and “non-mobile-friendly” at the bottom of the search engine results page (SERP).

6. Use the Full Width of the Screen

Lastly, your website must also occupy the entire screen. Maximize your digital real estate. Don’t leave spaces on both sides of the screen. This will also minimize vertical scrolling, which could be a turn-off for most users. It is not enough to have a responsive website, though. Additionally, have your website in full-width standard. This will help your content perform at the highest level of optimization. This includes the copy, graphics, videos, photos, and texts.

The best industrial websites have a clear CTA and the right content and imagery to provide visitors with an optimal user experience. Your website should clearly define your services and provide opportunities for prospects to learn about your brand and industry.

Stand out from other industrial and manufacturing companies with a strong website. Like the services you offer or the products you manufacture. High-quality matters when you are displaying your business online for the entire world to see. Having a great website is the foundation of a solid marketing campaign.

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