Unleashing the Power of Video on Your Website

The Impact of Video Content on Your Website

While written content is great when used at the right time and place, today’s focus is going to be solely on video content. More specifically, we’re going to be discussing how to unleash the power of video on your website to help you boost engagement, increase session duration, improve the user experience, and ultimately drive conversions. In today’s digital marketing landscape, video content is the most effective way to hold the attention of your audience. Video content gives your prospects an all-new medium to understand the services your company offers, and it gives you an all-new avenue to sell those services.

Types of Industrial Video Content

Video content can be the most engaging way to reach your audience, but you won’t see any results by just creating content for the sake of doing it. A poorly produced video that lacks focus will quickly lose your viewers’ interest, so spend a good chunk of time in the pre-production stages. Your videos need to have some form of direction to align with your content marketing strategy, enhance your customers’ experience, and produce the results that you want. If you’re not sure where to start, here are just a few ideas for industrial video content topics:

  • Products and Services Offered by Your Company
  • How-To Guides, Tutorials, and Process Overviews
  • Facility Tours
  • Machine Highlights
  • Case Studies
  • Your Brand’s Story and Company Culture

You can further develop these video topic ideas with a little bit of market research. Establishing a customer persona and studying industry trends are just a couple of ways to help direct your video production. Find out what kind of information your customer persona is seeking out, and tailor your content to answer some common queries or demonstrate your company’s capability to do what they’re looking for. When you craft a video with that level of care, it can double as a tool to not only inform your customers but also establish your credibility in your industry. This is just one of many ways that video content can help increase your conversions, which is why it is imperative to do your research and direct your videos carefully.

Think about where on your website you want your video to live. For example, if you’re trying to improve your company’s “About” page, create a video that highlights what sets your brand apart from the competition. If you’re wanting to showcase your facility’s unique processing capabilities, try to film a walkthrough or put the spotlight on your coolest machines. Your videos should work synergistically with the rest of your web content, not against it.

Make sure that you are incorporating relevant keywords in the video’s title and description to boost your website’s SEO. Above all other types of content, Google will give a higher rank to pages that feature embedded videos that are relevant to the rest of the page’s content. When done right, this can also get your page higher authority compared to your competitors who aren’t producing video content or are not using video content to its fullest potential.

Transform the User Experience with Video

Google isn’t the only one who prefers web pages with more videos. While video content can be incredibly useful to you and your website, the biggest benefits should be enjoyed by your website visitors. Embedded videos present viewers with easily accessible information about your product or service in a stimulating way. Ideally, your video content will make your visitors glad that they checked out your website and give them a richer understanding of what sets your brand apart and what you can do for them. An awesome video could even be the selling point that gets your website’s visitors to send you an inquiry and open the avenue for communication. Opening the door is a great step in the right direction, but with the power of video you can even take things a step further.

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Boost Conversions with Engaging Video Content

When you think of YouTube videos, there are 3 words that likely come to mind: like, comment, and subscribe. The reason that content creators make these callouts is to encourage their audience to engage with the video in a way that increases visibility and rank. This is an excellent example of a call to action, or CTA- something that you can implement in your videos too.

A CTA is essentially a set of directions that you give your viewer or prospect which encourages them to take the next steps, typically including the following:

  • Engage with More Content
  • Share the Video with Others
  • Visit a Webpage
  • Fill Out A Form
  • Contact Your Team
  • Become A Customer

By utilizing an effective CTA you can guide your viewers to remain on your website to increase their session duration, generate leads by signing up for an email list, or even contact your team themselves to become a customer. This is the most direct way to drive conversions with the power of video on your website.

When creating video content to implement on your website, remember the key ideas that we covered today. Always work with a content creation strategy. Research your customer base to create the content that they want to see. Be smart about content placement on your web pages. Incorporate keywords to boost your page’s SEO. Boost engagement with the careful use of CTAs. Keep all of this in mind, and soon enough you too can unleash the power of video on your website.

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