Why You Should Partner with an Industrial Marketing Agency

As a professional in the industrial sector, you certainly value experience and expertise from the companies that you choose to do business with. After all, that’s why your customers choose to work with you: your company’s integrity has been built on years of experience, dedication to your field, and a drive to innovate in everything you do. When it comes to handling your company’s marketing, turning to a dedicated marketing agency with the same prestige may seem like the natural thing to do.

Picture this: you hand the reins over to a professional marketing agency, rather than taking on a project that is outside of your scope. You’ve done your research on the agency, and they seem to be responsible for getting great results for their other clients. They are enthusiastic to take on your challenge and promise an increase in metrics across the board.

To your disappointment, after months of working with them they just aren’t delivering the results they promised. Even worse, their strategies don’t suit your audience at all, and you worry you might actually start losing business if your agency keeps things up at the same rate.

Unfortunately, this is the type of experience that is all too common for industrial and manufacturing businesses looking to expand their brand’s reach. Maybe that kind of experience is exactly what brought you here to MFG Tribe. If this sounds like you, we have to ask:

Are you tired of working with a marketing agency that doesn’t understand the Industrial landscape?

If your answer is a resounding “yes”- we hear you.

This gap in the market is exactly why MFG Tribe was formed: to address the unique needs of industrial and manufacturing companies by using marketing strategies that actually work. Here’s how we do it.

Knowing Your Industrial Audience is Key to Success

Where most advertising agencies fall flat with their industrial clients is that they don’t understand the industrial audience. As with any marketing effort, knowing your target audience is key to running a successful campaign- so how do other agencies get this wrong?

To put it simply, there is often a disconnect between the industrial side and the marketing side of the equation. Common marketing tactics are ineffective in the manufacturing world, which makes it difficult for most agencies to adapt to this unique sector. Marketing in general relies on appealing to the target audience on a personal level, but industrial marketing is quite the opposite. The businesses you’re marketing to are interested in facts and function above all else.

Most times your target audience’s pain points are very niche, and their interests even more so. They will want to know things like how your product will boost their manufacturing efficiency; how your machines will improve their product quality; the technology that makes your components outlast the competition; and other similarly direct benefits to choosing your business above another. An industrial agency will know how to address these pain points in your campaigns better than anyone else, thanks to a combination of relevant industry expertise and careful market research.

See for yourself how an industrial marketing agency can transform your business. Contact us today to get started.

An Industrial Marketing Agency Has the Right Expertise

A dedicated industrial marketing agency needs to have both sides of the equation: the industrial expertise, and the marketing expertise.

As we previously touched on, having one without the other leaves much to be desired. You may know your product very well but not how to effectively advertise it, or vice versa; but as long as one half of that experience is missing, you won’t see the results that you want from your marketing efforts.

Industrial marketing agencies employ candidates with relevant education and work experience to set themselves and their clients up for mutual success. For example, here at MFG Tribe our founder and CEO Kyle Milan has decades of sales experience in the industrial sector, so he knows the facets of B2B marketing inside and out. While his direct experience in industrial sales makes him a natural leader in our field, many of our other employees hard at work behind the scenes have direct industrial experience as well.

We have welders on our sales teams, machinists on our creative teams, manufacturing experts in leadership, and degreed engineers across all departments. We understand that there is a level of insight into the industrial world that can only be gained by being a part of it yourself- and any good industrial marketing agency will agree. The firsthand experience of our diverse team gives us a distinct edge over more generalized marketing agencies to better serve manufacturing companies like yours.   

Our marketing team is eager to learn about what makes your manufacturing company awesome. Let’s get to know each other.

An Industrial Marketing Agency’s Resources Are Invaluable

In our most recent blog post, we discussed the importance of using data to tailor marketing strategies to your particular industrial or manufacturing audience. While it can be done, starting from scratch can require a very large investment of your own time, research, and funds to secure all the necessary resources to get your marketing campaign off the ground. Even so, having the right tools is one thing; knowing exactly what to do with them is another.

An industrial marketing agency will get you set up with all the necessary tools to make the most of your company’s data. For a more in-depth look at the tools that we use to propel our data-driven marketing strategies, check out our previous article here.

Once your agency gets you set up with the right digital marketing tools, they can effectively leverage them to create a strategy tailored to reaching your target audience and meeting performance goals. Creating an effective data-driven strategy is a multi-step process. This includes collecting relevant data across a variety of sources; analyzing that data to determine what will be most helpful to your marketing efforts; and designing a data-driven marketing strategy using the information previously obtained. An agency with teams dedicated to developing and executing these strategies will get the job done efficiently, saving you the time and the headache of extrapolating the data yourself.

Partnering with an industrial marketing agency can be just what your business needs to start dominating your industry. If you found this guide helpful, be sure to give this post a share below on your platform of choice. Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you on the next one!