Boost Google Rankings: SEO for Manufacturing & Industrial

One of the most crucial aspects of industrial marketing is industrial SEO. This is how you can help your website get to the top of Google, or at least rank higher compared to your competitors.

First, let’s discuss a common misconception when it comes to industrial SEO and search in general. Many manufacturing and industrial industry people think that what they do is highly searched for in Google. The fact of the matter is that it’s not. You might think there are 2,000 or 5,000 searches a month for your keywords. The truth is that it’s probably closer to 300 to 500 searches a month.

Not a lot of people search for keywords or phrases related to manufacturing or industrial companies. However, you should still try to rank for these keywords. Your competitors are most likely also trying to rank for the same search terms.

Here’s a quick guide you can follow to implement effective industrial marketing and industrial SEO.

Search Volume

This is where all industrial SEO strategies should start. The first thing you need to do is determine the specific search phrases and see the volume of people searching for that phrase. Then when you have this data, build a plan around it. You can use several SEO tools to find this information—for example, SEMRush, AHREFS,, and even just Google.

If you don’t do this first, you might be optimizing your website and content using phrases or words that people aren’t looking for. If you change just one or two words, you can change the search volume and have more effective industrial SEO.

SEO is like a pyramid. The primary phrases and main categories you want to rank for are at the top. On the sides and at the bottom are the supporting keywords. Google changed its algorithm a few years ago to look at themes and phrases in the same bundle, not just specific keywords.

You can no longer do keyword stuffing or use the exact phrase or words 50 to 100 times on a page. This was done frequently in the past and is called blackhat SEO. Now, this would get your website blacklisted.

Instead, use the tools mentioned above or check what your competitors are targeting to see what keywords and phrases are often being searched. Make a list on Excel, then make sure to verify the list.

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On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is everything built into the website. This is very important in industrial marketing. Use H1 tags to tell Google your primary keywords. H2, H3, H4 should contain the support keywords and are the subtopics related to H1.

This gives Google the blueprint they need to crawl your website. It is telling Google that those are the specific keywords you want to go after. Meta titles and meta tags also help industrial SEO. Some industrial websites make mistakes  and don’t optimize these sections. Make sure that you change it to something that will help your website. Don’t leave it to the generic default first 160 characters. You can change the meta titles and meta tags to something more specific, for example, “robotics integrator for aerospace industry.”

Alt tags are also part of industrial SEO. These are the alternative text that Google will show if images can’t be loaded. Ensure the alt tags are applicable to the photos and related to the keywords you are going after.

Off-Page SEO

Aside from on-page SEO, off-page SEO is also something you need to think of in industrial marketing. These are all the backlinks to your website. This means that you get other websites, which might have higher traffic than you, to send traffic back to you.

Good places to get these links are websites of publications and associations that have more reach than you. Write content for them and have them link back to you. All these links help industrial SEO and bring new traffic to your site. They show Google that you are an industry expert. However, you need to make sure that your on-page SEO is already working to be effective.

Creating Content

Google is going to index and rank your page based on how well you are executing your industrial SEO strategy. An important part of this is creating content. If you don’t update your site content regularly, Google will think that your website is not worth ranking.

Content is king. It is part of the main pillars that supports your website’s SEO, and content marketing is the backbone of everything. You need to publish articles and videos to tell Google that you are a subject matter expert. You can learn how to do comprehensive content marketing on Kyle Milan’s YouTube channel here.

There are important basics to remember when it comes to content marketing. First, optimize articles with keyword phrases. Longtail keywords are keyword phrases with five to seven words. These also help industrial SEO because they are in the same theme as your main keywords.

Second, make sure you produce at least one to two articles a month. If you can’t produce it yourself, a manufacturing marketing agency like MFGT can help you. They have experienced technical writers that can help your website start ranking higher. Videos are also crucial because videos often get more engagement compared to articles. These videos will also help you climb search rankings.

Don’t forget to optimize your YouTube videos. You’ll also need to look at the tags, titles, descriptions, and links with descriptions. You can use a website like vidIQ to help you optimize your YouTube videos.

Remember, not a lot of industrial companies are actively trying to improve their search ranking. Or, if they are already at the top, they are not exerting effort to stay on top. This means that you, or the industrial marketing agency you are working with, can come in with an aggressive content strategy and help your industrial or manufacturing website get to the top of the search rankings.

Industrial marketing strategies don’t develop overnight. And the best ones require years of experience and tactful planning. If you feel stuck, consider reaching out to an industrial marketing agency with expertise in your industry. If you want the best in the business, contact MFG Tribe Industrial Marketing Agency to learn more!